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World of Coffee

Rich and bold

The world of coffee is a growing industry that continues to evolve. Much like the world of wine, it is both complex and fascinating. And the best part is it’s yours to discover.

The ABCs of making the perfect coffee

Filtered Water

Avoid using distilled water as it lacks essential minerals that add to the flavour. It is also high in acidity, or low in pH levels, causing a corrosive effect that can damage machine components. Softened water should also be avoided as the sodium ions used to soften the water can create a gelatinous accumulation that could clog the machine.

Freshly roasted and ground coffee

Choose a balanced blend of coffee and make sure to consume it within two weeks of roasting. Coffee begins to lose its natural oils and aroma after approximately 15 minutes of being ground. It is therefore recommended that you purchase smaller amounts of roasted coffee beans more frequently and grind as required.

Quality Machine

A good coffee machine will optimize water distribution while ensuring that the coffee stays hot. It also combines all the elements that go into the process of brewing a delicious cup of coffee.

The essentials for all types of coffee machines

Manual Espresso Machines

Enjoy brewing your own coffee? Just like the baristas, you’re passionate about the stages involved in making coffee and with a manual espresso machine you are the maestro.

What you’ll need:

manual espresso machines

Automatic Espresso Machines

With an automatic espresso machine, all you need to worry about is flavour. Let the genius of an automatic espresso machine guide you. Since they are programmable, all you have to do is select your favourite coffee. Are you more of a latté person or is cappuccino more your style?

What you’ll need:

  • Dark and brown roast coffee beans (black and medium dark coffee is too oily and could damage your grinder)
  • A maintenance kit for maintaining the efficiency of your coffee machine and extending its life
automatic espresso machines

Capsule Coffee Machines

A capsule coffee machine is also perfect for those that benefit from a little guidance. With a capsule machine you can enjoy a different flavour every morning or offer a decaf to your guests. All you have to do is change the capsule.

What you’ll need:

  • A capsule holder for easy access (and fun display)
  • A milk frother for enjoying a variety of specialized lattés
  • A descaling agent for maintaining the efficiency of your coffee machine and the flavour of your coffee
capsul machines

Non-Electric Coffee Makers

Dreaming of the simple life? Rediscover the simple pleasures with a Moka stove-top coffee pot (Italian), a selection of coffee presses, or drip-filter options.

What you’ll need:

non-electric coffee makers