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Electric Shavers

Electric Shavers

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  1. New
    Philips SATIN COMPACT Battery-operated Touch Up Pen Trimmer

    For a flawless skin whenever, wherever

    Philips SATIN COMPACT face and body pen trimmer is perfect for traveling. Discreet and small, it will fit any pouch or handbag. Bring it away everywhere, and eliminate quickly and easily even the finest hairs of the face and body. Learn More
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  2. Panasonic CLOSE CURVES Pink Rechargeable Shaver
    Enjoy superior comfort with the 4 floating blades cutting system. The pivoting head conforms to the shape of your legs and body for added comfort. The pop-up trimmer captures long and hard-to-reach hairs... Learn More
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  3. Philips PRECISION PERFECT Battery-Operated Face Trimmer

    PrecisionPerfect is a quick way to remove facial hair anywhere, anytime. Philips Precision Trimmer is your instant face hair removal solution. Small and compact enough to take it everywhere you want. It will keep your face smooth and hair free. Learn More
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  4. Remington SMOOTH & SILKY Pink Battery-Operated Bikini Trimmer
    A gentle exfoliation, shaving and trimming for the bikini area. Whether trimming or shaving, in or out of the shower, the Remington battery operated Smooth & Silky® Body & Bikini Kit will meet your needs. Use the bikini trimmer and adjustable length guide to help shape the bikini area while the hypoallergenic foil shaver and exfoliator will keep skin smooth and irritation free. Learn More
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  5. Remington SMOOTH & SILKY Pink & White Rechargeable Shaver
    Massaging comfort tips protect your skin against nicks and cuts. The massaging comfort tips work in perfect harmony with the hypoallergenic foils to give you a close, comfortable shave. The two pivoting blades effortlessly glide over and hug your curves, leaving your skin feeling silky-smooth. Learn More
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