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  1. Braun SERIES 7 Rechargeable Shaver with Clean&Charge Station

    Special Price $254.98

    Regular Price: $299.99

    Intelligent Sonic technology for sensitive skin.The beauty of this shaver is in its Intelligent Sonic technology, producing 10.000 vibrations per minute, it reads your face and adapts to the density of your beard, capturing more hairs with every stroke. The result? A more efficient shave with fewer strokes. less pressure and less irritation.

    The Braun Series 7 shaver includes Sonic technology to read and adapt to your beard. Four shaving elements capture more hair in every stroke to provide a close, comfortable shave without compromises. The 8 directional flexible shaver head masters even the most problematic contours. Learn More
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  2. New
    Groom Organic Bamboo Shaving Towel

    The GROOM Shaving Towel stands in line with our company values, offering outstanding performance and sustainable sourcing. It is made from 100% organic bamboo and bamboo charcoal. While being naturally antibacterial and mold resistant, bamboo is also one of the most sustainable sources of textile on the planet. Learn More
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  3. Andis GO OUTLINER II Close-Cutting Trimmer

    Perfect for all-around outlining and fading. An ergonomic design with a comfortable grip gives you great control for sharp detailing. Learn More
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  4. Andis GTO T-OUTLINER Hair Clipper/Beard Trimmer with T-blade

    The Andis GTO T-Outliner trimmer is equipped with a close-cutting T-Blade ideal for all-around outlining, dry shaving and fading. The fine-cutting teeth allow for an extremely close cutting deal for trimming necks, beards, moustaches, and edging around ears and for fades and design work. Learn More
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  5. Philips COMFORT CUT Replacement Shaving Heads for SERIES 3000 Shaver
  6. Philips Replacement Blade for the ONEBLADE Trimmer

    OneBlade is designed to trim, edge, and shave any length of hair. The unique OneBlade shaving technology integrates a Learn More
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  7. Philips Replacement Blades for the ONEBLADE Trimmer, 2-units

    The Philips replacement blades QP220/50 for the OneBlade shaver are designed for lasting performance. For optimal perf Learn More
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  8. Philips MULTI PRECISION Replacement Shaving Heads for SERIES 5000 Shaver, 3-units
  9. Philips GENTLETRACK PRECISION Replacement Shaving Heads for SERIES 7000 Shaver, 3-units
    The Philips SH70/53 replacement heads fit all Philips Series 7000 shavers. Learn More
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  10. Remington Foil and Cutters 3 TCT for MS3-1000/MS3-1100/MS3-1700/MS3-2000/MS3-2700/MS3-3000/MS3-3500/MS3-3700/MS3-4000/MS3-4700/RS-8503/RS-8966/RS-8986 Shavers

    Fits the following Remington shavers: MS3-1000, 1700, 2000, 2700, 3000, 3500, 3700, 4000, 4500, 4700 & 0004 Learn More
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