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  1. WahI Rechargeable Trimmer, 16-Piece Set

    Special Price $47.98

    Regular Price: $59.99

    100% more power and 3x the run time. This trimmer’s run time is truly impressive. Its lithium-ion battery has almost no charge loss in storage and has no memory effect. Learn More
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  2. New
    Wahl Rechargeable MULTI-GROOMER PRO Beard Trimmer, 21-Pieces
    Wahl MULTI-GROOMER PRO has a 360° Turnable Head to easily trim in all directions.

    - 4 Detachable Heads: Trimmer Blade, Detail Trimmer, Foil Shaver and T-Blade.:
    - TRIMMER BLADE: Self-sharpening blades for no-snag cutting and clean results.
    - DETAIL TRIMMER: Narrow blade for detailed styling and Ear/Nose trimming.
    - FOIL SHAVER: Super-close, irritation-free shave for head, face & body.
    - T-BLADE: Wide blade for outlines, fades and short haircuts. Learn More
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  3. New
    Wahl 5 STAR FINALE Black Rechargeable Shaver, 5-Pieces

    Wahl 5 STAR FINALE is the Ultimate Finishing Tool. It was designed with a special angle shaver head with 2 gold hypo-allergenic foils. 5 STAR Finale is perfect to finish/blend bald fades, clean up hair and necklines for an ultra-smooth finish. Cuts super close without irritation. Learn More
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  4. WahI Rechargeable Hair Clipper 26-Piece Kit
    50% more power and 2x the run time. The lithium-Ion battery provides 50% more power than electromagnetic motors for an even smoother cut and twice the run time. That’s what you can expect from this Wahl hair clipper. Learn More
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  5. Wahl TRADITIONAL BARBERS Black Pure Badger Shaving Brush

    Made with pure badger bristles, this TRADITIONAL BARBERS shaving brush helps to soften and prepare the beard for a more professional barber shave. The natural bristles massage and exfoliate the skin gently. Learn More
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  6. Wahl Double Edge Adjustable Safety Razor

    The Wahl traditional Barbers Adjustable Safety Razor is crafted with exceptional quality and versatility in mind. The razor features 6 lenght settings to adjust blade exposure according to hair type, lenght of hair and skin sensitivity. Learn More
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  7. Wahl BARBERS CLUB Boar Bristles Wooden Beard Brush

    Tame the mane with this Wahl Club Beard Brush made with pure boar bristles. Regular brushing helps to spread the natural oils present in the beard to make it softer and more manageable while promoting a healthier growth. Learn More
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  8. Wahl TRADITIONAL BARBERS Black Porcelain Shaving Bowl

    The Wahl Traditional Barbers classic Shaving Bowl is made of durable porcelain that retains heat more efficiently, keeping the lather warm while shaving. the large, deep bowl allows for a rich and generous lather to be whipped up... Learn More
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  9. WahI Stainless Steel Rechargeable Trimmer, 21-Piece Kit

    4-in-1 performance and sophisticated design. This lithium-ion trimmer features twice the torque of other similar devices and a charge with unmatched run time. Learn More
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  10. WahI PEANUT Black Mini Trimmer, 8-Piece Set
    A powerful mini clipper. Weighing only 4 oz. and measuring only 4 in., this mini clipper/trimmer has all the power of a full device. Learn More
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  11. Wahl Battery-Operated Pen Trimmer for Ear, Nose & Brow

    Power and Precision from Wahl to tackle all your Grooming needs.

    Wahl Stainless Steel precision blades for fast and easy trimming. Trimming head provides unlimited detailing. Special comb attachement perfectly grooms eye brows and sideburns. Learn More
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  12. WahI 6-in-1 Rechargeable Hygienic Trimmer

    A fast and precise 6-in-1 device. This powerful groomer is ideal for nose, ear, toe and finger hairs, and much more. Learn More
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  13. WahI SENIOR Silver Hair Clipper, 7-Piece Set

    Get 50% more power than with a regular electromagnetic clipper. Corded operation. Twice the speed of pivot motor clippers. Adjustable lever varies the taper and texture of the cut without changing the blade. High precision carbon steel blade for high-performance clipping. Learn More
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  14. WahI CHROMADO LITHIUM Black Rechargeable Trimmer, 13-Piece Set

    A professional clipper with extended run time. The lithium-ion battery offers a convenient 90-minute run time from a quick one-hour charge. With no “memory effect,” the battery will give satisfaction for years to come. The powerful 5,000 rpm rotary motor runs quietly with low vibration and features a rapid power control to maintain constant speed, regardless of the battery charge level. Learn More
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  15. WahI CHROMINI+ Cordless Rechargeable Trimmer, 8-Piece Set

    A lightweight clipper with professional efficiency. The NI-MH battery provides an unparalleled 120-minute run time from a 2-hour charge. Learn More
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