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Hair Clippers

Hair Clippers

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  1. New
    BaBylissPro VOLARE Professional Hair Clipper with Ferrari Designed Motor
    BaBylissPro "Volare" professional clipper with Ferrari designed high-torque lightweight engine with minimal vibration.
    DLC (Diamond-like carbon) cutting blade and titanium-coated fixed blade which are made in Japan, are two times more durable than stainless steel. Snap-in detachable blade set. Learn More
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  2. New
    BaBylissPro Professional Hair Clipper with Ferrari Designed Pivot Motor
    BaBylissPro Ferrari designed High-Frequency, powerful lasting Supercharged Pivot Motor Clipper with 9200 cuts per minute and 25 lbs of cutting torque to effortlessly go through any hair texture no matter how thick without the fear of a blade jamming. Learn More
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  3. New
    BaBylissPro ROSEFX Rechargeable Hair Clipper, 6-Pieces

    BaBylissPro ROSEFX hair clipper is the perfect tool for outlining, crating designs and all other fine and detailed works.

    - Cord / cordless operation... Learn More
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  4. New
    BaBylissPro FLASHFX Rechargeable T-Blade Lithium Trimmer

    The precision trimmer FLASHFX FX59ZE is slim, lightweight, and powerful.

    The lithium-polymer battery gives a continuous 75-minute cordless operating time without recharge; this autonomy is reached with a 2-hour quick charge only. Provided with a powerful DC motor, the FX59ZE is efficient, silent, low heat, and low vibration. The T-blade gives an additional 25% more blade than a standard U-blade, so when removing bulk, larger amounts of hair can be taken at a time. Learn More
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  5. WahI Rechargeable Trimmer, 16-Piece Set
    100% more power and 3x the run time. This trimmer’s run time is truly impressive. Its lithium-ion battery has almost no charge loss in storage and has no memory effect. Learn More
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  6. WahI CHROMINI+ Cordless Rechargeable Trimmer, 8-Piece Set

    A lightweight clipper with professional efficiency. The NI-MH battery provides an unparalleled 120-minute run time from a 2-hour charge. Learn More
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  7. Panasonic Black Rechargeable Hair Clipper, 6-Piece
    Premium Grooming Series made in Japan. You only need one stroke, it’s that sharp! Enjoy a premium cutting experience with the new Panasonic Rechargeable Hair Clipper. The latest Japanese blade technology and an ultra high-speed linear motor deliver outstanding comfort.

    The cutting speed of the improved blades is surprisingly fast so you experience smooth cutting performances even with hard, dense hair.

    With the new comb-shaped blades, there’s a wide space between them, so more hairs are captured in one stroke. Learn More
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  8. New
    BaBylissPro ROSEFX Rechargeable Hair Clipper with Taper Control, 10-Pieces
    This amazing professional BaBylissPro ROSEFX hair clipper with a metallic finish is the perfect tool for cutting all hair textures with power, speed and precision. ROSE FX clipper is equipped with a high-torque, brushless, Ferrari-designed engine.

    - Cord & Cordless Operation
    - All-metal housing with knurled barbell grip... Learn More
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  9. New
    Braun MULTIGROOM Rechargeable Trimmer, 8-Pieces Set

    Master your style with the rechargeable MGK3220, 6-in-1 beard trimmer for men. With Lifetime Sharp Blades and four combs, it offers 13 lengths (0.5–21mm), so you can easily achieve the look you want across your beard, face, and hair. Learn More
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  10. BaBylissPro LITHIUMFX Rechargeable Hair Clipper with Taper Control, 10-Pieces
    Designed for all-around fading, the hardened Japanese steel blades provide precise, smooth and effortless cutting for all hair types at all charge levels. Learn More
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  11. Wahl 5 STAR FINALE Black Rechargeable Shaver, 5-Pieces

    Wahl 5 STAR FINALE is the Ultimate Finishing Tool. It was designed with a special angle shaver head with 2 gold hypo-allergenic foils. 5 STAR Finale is perfect to finish/blend bald fades, clean up hair and necklines for an ultra-smooth finish. Cuts super close without irritation. Learn More
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  12. WahI PEANUT Black Mini Trimmer, 8-Piece Set

    A powerful mini clipper. Weighing only 4 oz. and measuring only 4 in., this mini clipper/trimmer has all the power of a full device. Learn More
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  13. Andis T-OUTLINER Li Rechargeable Hair Clipper with 4 combs

    The Andis T-OUTLINER Li hair clipper offers the same performance you expect from the Classic T-OUTLINER, now with cordless freedom and advantages. Andis T-OUTLINER comes with a carbon-steel T-blade ideal for close cutting, lining, designing and dry shaving all kind of hair types (can be zero gapped).

    His powerful Lithium-ion battery delivers over 100 min. of autonomy for only 1 hour of charge.

    Designed with a sturdy high-speed rotary motor, the Cordless T-OUTLINER features a constant speed technology and won’t drag or stall through thick hair types. Learn More
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  14. Andis SELECT CUT Rechargeable Hair Clipper, 10-Piece Set

    For a professional home haircut. The lithium-ion battery provides 2 hours of run time, delivering constant power for perfectly even hair clipping. The ceramic blade stays sharper longer than a standard blade and cuts through any type of hair. Learn More
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  15. Andis VERSATRIM LI Cord/Cordless Beard & Precision Trimmer, 12-Piece Kit
    The new Andis VERSATRIM LI beard trimmer is light, ergonomic & can be used corded or cordless. Perfect for trimming beards, moustaches, necklines and sideburns.

    Andis designed the VERSATRIM LI with an ultra-fine T blade allowing a very close shave to the face and neck. Comes with a dual-voltage charger for worldwide usage. With its powerful Lithium ion battery VERSATRIM LI Beard Trimmer delivers up to 90 minutes of run time. Learn More
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  16. Cachet Pro Black Professional Hair Clipper Set 12-Pieces

    This Cachet Pro Professional clipper has a thumb-adjustable taper control. The Kit includes 12-pieces. The precision-ground blades won't nick or pull. Includes 6 guide combs to make it easy to cut a variety of lengths and styles. Learn More
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  17. Cachet Elite Professional Hair Clipper, 20-Pieces Set
    The Cachet Elite offers a professional v9000 electromagnetic motor to help you achieve a professional quality haircut at home. The precision ground blades are specially-designed to prevent nicking or pulling, for a comfortable hair cut every time.The 20 piece kit includes 8 guide combs offering a wide range of hair lengths to help you achieve a wide variety styles you can complete at home. Learn More
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  18. Cachet Collection Hair Clipper, 16-Pieces Set
    This professional style clipper comes with a thumb-adjustable taper control and includes 8 coloured guide combs, making it easy to select the right guide comb for your desired hair length. The precision ground blades are specially-designed to prevent nicking or pulling, for a comfortable hair cut every time. Learn More
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  19. WahI Stainless Steel Rechargeable Trimmer, 21-Piece Kit
    4-in-1 performance and sophisticated design. This lithium-ion trimmer features twice the torque of other similar devices and a charge with unmatched run time. Learn More
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  20. WahI CHROMADO LITHIUM Black Rechargeable Trimmer, 13-Piece Set
    A professional clipper with extended run time. The lithium-ion battery offers a convenient 90-minute run time from a quick one-hour charge. With no “memory effect,” the battery will give satisfaction for years to come. The powerful 5,000 rpm rotary motor runs quietly with low vibration and features a rapid power control to maintain constant speed, regardless of the battery charge level. Learn More
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  21. Andis PROFOIL LITHIUM Rechargeable Shaver
    This is the shaver that all barbers want to own. The Andis PROFOIL Lithium shaver follows the face contours and offers a close shave.

    Design for the barbers and hairdressers to create precise and masculine beard style. The PROFOIL Lithium Shaver has staggered foil heads mounted on suspension that provide a closer shave. The Gold Titanium foils are hypoallergenic for an irritation free shaving. Learn More
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  22. Panasonic Silver 3-in-1 Hair, Beard & Body Rechargeable Trimmer

    A versatile trimmer for a sleek look. Simply change attachments to groom your beard, hair or body hair. Learn More
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  23. Andis GO OUTLINER II Close-Cutting Trimmer
    Perfect for all-around outlining and fading. An ergonomic design with a comfortable grip gives you great control for sharp detailing. Learn More
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  24. Andis GTO T-OUTLINER Hair Clipper/Beard Trimmer with T-blade

    The Andis GTO T-Outliner trimmer is equipped with a close-cutting T-Blade ideal for all-around outlining, dry shaving and fading. The fine-cutting teeth allow for an extremely close cutting deal for trimming necks, beards, moustaches, and edging around ears and for fades and design work. Learn More
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