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Coffee con panna

How to prepare a coffee con panna

A coffee con panna is an espresso topped with whipped cream. To enjoy, you simply add a dollop of whipped cream atop a fresh brewed cup of espresso. You can use store-bought whipped cream, or if you prefer, make your own and add vanilla or almond extract to make a nice variance.

Everything a coffee lover needs

There are those who enjoy a simple cup of coffee, and then there are those who have turned coffee into an art with a passion for beans, brewing techniques, and variety of coffee makers that are designed for putting a small piece of heaven into your cup. The coffee experts at Centre du Rasoir love sharing their knowledge and ensuring that you find the right coffee machine for your needs and taste.

Is an automatic coffee maker that gives you a quick cup of coffee with the simple press of a button more your style? No matter how simple your machine, you still have to maintain and clean it. Did you know that certain models come with a feature that makes this easy? Or maybe you’d prefer a manual machine, one with or without a pressure lever, or a filtered coffee maker that will fill your home with the aroma of coffee. Maybe you’d prefer a vacuum coffee maker or better yet, a cold brew maker that will impress your guests, or more importantly, their palates!