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Light Therapy & Relaxation

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  1. Philips Wake-Up Light

    Fall asleep and wake up gently. The coloured sunrise simulation wakes you naturally. Inspired by nature's sunrise… Learn More
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  2. Philips GOLITE BLU Rechargeable Portable Energy Light
    Fill up on light to improve your mood and concentration level. Daylight is essential to our well-being, to stay healthy and feel energized… Learn More
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  3. Philips SOMNEO Sleep & Wake-Up Light

    Natural sunrise and sunset simulation

    The Philips SOMNEO sleep and wake-up light is designed to help you relax and wakeup refreshed. Inspired by sunrise, the SOMNEO light gradually increases before you wake up by a colour change and luminous intensity process to stimulate your body upon waking up.

    When the light has completed its process, the sounds of nature or your favourite radio station completes your wake up cycle gradually. You can now start the day in a good mood! Learn More
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  4. Therawell Body Roller Massager

    NO MORE BODY TENSION! 7 massaging rollers will soothe, back, neck, arm and leg muscles.

    No time to visit a Massage Therapist or Chiropractor? We have a solution for you! Learn More
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  5. Therawell Blue Full Body Massage Glove

    No more body tension! Minimize appearance of cellulite. Relieve all-over body tension. Stimulate key pressure points. Do-It-Yourself Massage Therapy! Learn More
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  6. Homedics SOUND SPA RECHARGED Black Alarm Clock

    Fall asleep peacefully and wake up re-charged with the Homedics SOUNDSPA RECHARGE Alarm Clock and sound machine.

    Choose from any of the 8 unique and different relaxation and nature sounds to soothe you to sleep, and keep your phone nearby with the integrated smartphone holder.

    The 5 sleep modes range from off, 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes, allowing for easy customization for your sleep style.

    Time is displayed through the digital FM clock radio with LCD display and time projection that shows up either on the ceiling or wall. Learn More
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