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Lint Removers

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  1. Vie-Art Battery Operated Lint Remover

    Lint remover preserves the look of clothes and other fabrics. Precision safe blades quickly and safely remove lint, threads and fuzz from all types of fabric. Learn More
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  2. Vie-Art DELUXE Battery-Operated & Electric Lint Remover

    Equipped with a powerful motor, it can be used with the 110 volt adaptor (included) or with 4 C batteries (not included). Learn More
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  3. New
    Vie-Art Rechargeable 2 positions Lint Remover with USB Cable

    Keep your clothing and fabrics looking like new

    Built-in rechargeable battery with USB. Efficiently remove fuzz, lint & pilling from household furniture, drapery, knitwear and clothing wherever you go!Easy handle positions (2) for comfortable and efficient use.

    3 rotating t-blades are sharp and durable to remove pills and fuzz without damaging the fabric. Learn More
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  4. Vie-Art Grey Battry-Operated Lint Remover

    Keep your clothes pill-free with the Vie-Art battery-operated lint remover. It uses 2 AA batteries (not included) Learn More
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