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  1. Boneco AIR SHOWER 4.1 in. Portable USB Fan

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    Regular Price: $39.99

    This Boneco AIR SHOWER portable fan is small and elegant: suitable for private use wherever you are. USB connection: can be used everywhere. Learn More
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  2. Bionaire 36 in. Manual Oscillating Tower Fan

    The Bionaire Manual Oscillating Control Tower Fan will bring welcome relief from warm, static air. Keep cool and uncluttered with this streamlined tower fan design. It quietly disperses invigorating, revitalizing coolness for maximum comfort and freshness. Lifeless air is replaced by the stimulating effects of cooler air. The breeze mode simulates a gentle, natural breeze for true comfort. Space-saving design and is ideal for living room and bedroom use. Learn More
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  3. Sunbeam 16 in. Black Pedestal Fan
    Feel the cooling effects of this multi-directional oscillating stand fan which cools large areas quickly and efficiently. 3 settings, combined with 90° tilt back head, enable air flow to be directed more precisely. Sturdy pedestal base creates added stability for safe operation. Learn More
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  4. Sunbeam DESIGNER SERIES 12 in. Black Table Fan

    Enhance your home environment and personal comfort. This cooling and colourful Sunbeam Designer Series Table Fan transforms warm, static air to cool comfort... Learn More
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  5. Sunbeam BLIZZARD Black 8 in. Table Fan

    Circulate refreshing blasts of cool air with the powerful Sunbeam Oscillating Table Fan. Compact size and quiet operation make it ideal for use in any home environment. This high velocity fan creates a blizzard of coolness with specially-designed motor and blade combination to propel powerful airflow and cooling comfort. With 2 speed settings and adjustable tilt head, refreshing airflow is precisely directed, providing maximum effectiveness. Learn More
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  6. Sunbeam 'Chill Me' USB Personal Fan 4

    Sunbeam's personal fan connects you to coolness for comfort anywhere you and your laptop go. Offering true portable c Learn More
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  7. Rowenta TURBO SILENCE EXTREME 16 in. Silver Pedestal Fan

    Stay cool in extreme silence!

    A powerful & quiet fan to beat the heat at ultra-quiet sound levels, Rowenta TURBO SILENCE EXTREME immediately delivers a powerful sensation of refreshment with a level of silence as low as 35 dB(A), for enhanced well-being

    It features 5 speed settings, including Turbo Boost mode, which delivers intense airflow, and Silent Night mode, which ensures you a refreshing, undisturbed sleep. Designed with nice other features including an 8 hours timer and a Decrescendo option. Learn More
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  8. Rowenta TURBO SILENCE EXTREME 12 in. Desk Fan

    The Most Powerfull & the most silent Rowenta Fan!

    This Rowenta TURBO SILENCE EXTREME desktop fan delivers an immediate, intense cool feeling with the quietest technology. The settings vary from Silent Night position, which is almost inaudible and ideal for the night to Turbo Boost extremely powerful for optimal comfort in hot weather.

    In TURBO mode, this fan covers an area up to 45 m3/min. Learn More
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