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Please note that the Head Office Service Center is closed from July 26 to August 9, 2021, during this period no repairs will be taken care at the Head Office, no email relating to the repair can be treated and additional delays for the spare parts orders will be applicable

You're $75.00 away from FREE shipping!

Please note that the Head Office Service Center is closed from July 26 to August 9, 2021, during this period no repairs will be taken care at the Head Office, no email relating to the repair can be treated and additional delays for the spare parts orders will be applicable

Care Guide

For Your Espresso Coffee Machine

Regular care. Your ally for perfect coffee.

So you finally did it. You treated yourself to the espresso machine you’ve always wanted and now you can look forward to a perfect cup of coffee every day. Since your selection of coffee machines was based on quality, you know that your machine will last a long time. But even the best machines in the world - despite all the thought that goes into their design - need a minimal amount of care to ensure optimal efficiency. That said, showing your machine a little TLC will go a long way in ensuring many years of enjoyment while optimizing your investment.

No matter what type of machine you’ve chosen, you’ll need to clean and maintain it. Some tasks are done daily, while others periodically.

Automatic Espresso Machines


Keeping the milk system clean is the best way to ensure flavour while optimizing the performance of your machine. After each use, wash all components that come into contact with the milk using warm water and a mild soap.


Remember to run a cleaning cycle on the milk system using a cleanser specially formulated to break down and dislodge calcium build-up around the nozzle and milk tubing circuit.

Since most brewing components are removeable, parts can easily be dismantled to rinse coffee grounds and residue that accumulate inside the machine. Simply soak the brewing components in a mixture of water and espresso machine cleaner to remove oil build-up. Make sure to rinse all components well and drain excess water completely before putting back into place.


The key word here is DESCALING. Water inevitably leads to limescale deposits in the heating system and ducts. By regularly descaling your machine, you can avoid mineral build-up that hardens and is difficult to dissolve. Limescale residue will eventually block the tubing during the infusion cycle and damage your machine. Whether you choose a liquid, powder, or tablet, it’s important that descaling your machine become part of your monthly care routine. Select a time to complete this task – every last Sunday of the month, for example – and stick to it! You’ll be glad you did. If your water is particularly hard, consider descaling more frequently.

Manual Espresso Machine

After each extraction

Immediately remove the filter holder and dispose of the coffee grounds. Run hot water on the filter holder for a few seconds. This easy task will clean the filter holder and eliminate oils that can harden in the double wall of the filter and clog the tiny holes. Remove the filter holder, rinse it, and put it back in place. This will help to prevent premature drying of the gasket.

Each time you use the steam nozzle, rinse it to thoroughly clean any residue adhering to the outer surface.


Once you’ve finished using your coffee machine for the day, clean the nozzle and gasket with a machine shower cleaning brush. This will prevent the accumulation of coffee residue on the contour of the nozzle, which will eventually burn on and affect the taste of your coffee.


Soak the nozzle in a milk system cleaning solution to dissolve any residue.


After approximately 125 cups of coffee, thoroughly clean the filter holder with cleaning tablets to dissolve any oil residue.

Clean your coffee grinder with specially designed tablets to remove coffee and oil residue that accumulate during the grinding cycle. These tablets are grinded in the same way that you grind coffee beans: simply pass the tablets through the grinder without taking apart the burrs.

Centre du Rasoir’s Service Centre

Our Centre du Rasoir experts care about the performance of your machine and we specialize in the maintenance of all types of coffee machines. To ensure optimal performance, we recommend that you bring in your machine for a full service and cleaning of all main components once a year. Following is an overview of our full-service approach:


Degreasing the grinder eliminates oils that accumulate on the grinding burrs. Over time, the different blends and types of coffee can slightly alter the alignment of the burrs.


The degreasing and thorough cleaning of the integrated milk lines and milk frothing system will dislodge the accumulation of calcium build-up and ensure a more hygienic beverage.


An in-depth degreasing of the filter and brew unit removes all oil and coffee residue.
Inspection and lubrication of components and gaskets, as well as replacement when required, prevent leakage.
Suction cleaning from the inside of the machine ensures the removal of coffee residue throughout the machine.


The cleaning and lubrication of the pump system ensures smooth movement and reduces pump fatigue.


Descaling the boiler (reservoir tank), thermoblock (coil), and tubing, dissolves limescale and removes any particles that may have lodged in the ducts.

Our personnel will complete the service process with a series of calibration tests to assess coffee measurement, water quantities, and pressure levels, while making the required adjustments.

Servicing semi-automatic and manual machines follows the same rigorous steps as their automatic counter-parts with the exception of maintenance on the brew unit. That said, you can rest assured that a thorough cleaning of the touch pad and milk nozzle, as well as the degreasing of the filter holder and filter, are carried out to ensure optimal performance of your machine.