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  1. Ricardo Silicone Roasting Rack

    Designed to prepare healthier poultry, fish and roasts!

    Elevates roast, poultry, fish and vegetables above excess fat and broth for healthier cooking. Open design provides optimal air circulation for fast, even browning. Design for use in pressure cookers, slow cookers, pots and pans.

    Double as a steaming tray, it is also suitable for use in Ricardo Rice Cooker and the NEW Ricardo Multifunction Electric Pressure Cooker for a perfect steaming. Learn More
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  2. Ricardo Stainless Steel Steak Knife Set, 6-pieces

    Ricardo Steak Knifes Set, 6-units Learn More
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  3. Ricardo Spatula/Thermometer

    The perfect 2-in-1 kitchen tool. Silicone spatula resistant up to 220 °C/ 428°F. Removable digital thermometer from -20 °C/ -4°F to 200 °C/ 392°F. Learn More
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  4. Ricardo Instant Thermometer

    This basic digital thermometer is ideal for monitoring the internal temperature of chicken, turkey or cake to ensure they are cooked to perfection. Can also mesure hot water temperatures.

    - Protective case included Learn More
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  5. Ricardo 12 in. Silicone Oven Mitt

    This high-insulating silicone oven mitt can withstand temperatures up to 350 °C/662 °F. The soft cotton interior makes it very comfortable. Learn More
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  6. Ricardo Digital Kitchen Timer with Magnetic Surface

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    This RICARDO touch screen digital kitchen timer features a timer function and a chronometer.

    Modern and elegant, it comes with built-in magnets at the back and a rolling mechanism that allows fast adjustments of cooking time. Learn More
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  7. Ricardo Ceramic Knife Sharpener

    This Ricardo knife sharpener is made of a Japanese ceramic wheel & is perfect to sharpen knives with straight stainless steel blades.

    Easy to use, the opening in the cover serves as guide to position the knife in the optimal sharpening angle. Ergonomic handle and non-slip base for added stability and safety. Learn More
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  8. Ricardo THE TRAVELER Isotherm Lunch Bag

    This travel lunch bag is ideal for storing snacks and lunch on-the-go.The thermal insulation keeps your drink and food cool for lunchtime.
    Design with 2 interior pockets to hold cutlery and an ice pack. Learn More
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  9. Ricardo THE GENEROUS Lunch Bag

    The ricardo THE GENEROUS lunch bag is perfect for carrying lunch, sancks and drink to work or to school. Can be carried on the shoulder or by hand. The extensible strap neatly fits in the small side pocket when not in use. The clip buckle allows you to attach it to another bag for an easy transportation. Learn More
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  10. Ricardo Anti-Cut Glove

    This RICARDO cut resistant glove is used for the safe handling of sharp tools. Flexible and comfortable, the glove provides the highest cut resistance available. You can avoid wasting food when using a grater or a mandoline. Ambidextrous. Learn More
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