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  1. Gift with purchase
    Ricardo Stainless Steel Slow Cooker 6-Quart

    The Ricardo programmable slow cooker has a capacity of 6 quarts, so it's perfect for preparing meals for many people. This slow cooker is the must-have kitchen appliance for every busy family. The size of this slow cooker is perfectly adapted to RICARDO recipes. Once cooking is done, it automatically switches to the Keep Warm setting. The ceramic pot is easily removable and is dishwasher safe.
    When you purchase the Ricardo Slow Cooker > obtain a FREE Ricardo Oven Mitt. A $20.99 value Learn More
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  2. Ricardo Beige Silicone Oven Mitt

    The Ricardo 63605 silicone oven mitt is designed to resist high temperatures for short periods of time. The beige sili Learn More
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  3. Ricardo Kitchen Scissors

    The Ricardo 63056 kitchen scissors are indispensable and versatile in the kitchen. They can not only cut fine herbs bu Learn More
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  4. Ricardo Seafood Scissors

    Cut backward: no cracking, less mess.
    Lock-and-spring system for a stress-free and safe cut.
    Detachable for easy cleaning. Learn More
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  5. Ricardo Stainless Steel Y Peeler

    The Ricardo 63013 Y peeler is easy to use for peeling fruits and vegetables. Learn More
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  6. Ricardo THE GENEROUS Lunch Bag

    The ricardo THE GENEROUS lunch bag is perfect for carrying lunch, sancks and drink to work or to school. Can be carried on the shoulder or by hand. The extensible strap neatly fits in the small side pocket when not in use. The clip buckle allows you to attach it to another bag for an easy transportation. Learn More
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  7. Buy & Save
    Ricardo 6L Multifunction Electric Pressure Cooker

    Truly versatile Multicooker!

    Ricardo multifunction electric pressure cooker has a 6-litre capacity, a digital display indicating the cooking progress and 10 pre-set functions simple to use.

    Take advantage of 5 pressure functions to prepare meat, poultry, legumes, vegetables, root vegetable and soup. You can also use this appliance as a yogurt maker, a steamer, a sauté pan to brown your ingredients directly in the pressure cooker.

    BUY & SAVE! > Purchase the Ricardo Electric Pressure Cooker (63403) and save 30% on the Ricardo Silicone Roasting Rack (63144) by adding it to your cart. Valid until January 5, 2020, once per order.

    Learn More
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  8. Ricardo Anti-Cut Glove

    This RICARDO cut resistant glove is used for the safe handling of sharp tools. Flexible and comfortable, the glove provides the highest cut resistance available. You can avoid wasting food when using a grater or a mandoline. Ambidextrous. Learn More
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  9. New
    Ricardo Sous-Vide Precision Cooker

    The Ricardo sous-vide precision cooker provides quick and ultra-precise results while preserving flavours and textures. The principle is simple: Just seal your food in an airtight plastic bag, dip it into a container filled with water (a saucepan or a glass bowl) and attach the unit using its spring clip. Your meats, seafood, vegetables, and even desserts! will be cooked to perfection.

    The Ricardo precision cooker (thermocirculator) eliminates the worry of over or under cooking food and guarantees perfect doneness from edge to edge, moist and tender texture, enhanced flavours and consistent results every time. Learn More
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  10. Ricardo Ceramic Knife Sharpener

    This Ricardo knife sharpener is made of a Japanese ceramic wheel & is perfect to sharpen knives with straight stainless steel blades.

    Easy to use, the opening in the cover serves as guide to position the knife in the optimal sharpening angle. Ergonomic handle and non-slip base for added stability and safety. Learn More
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  11. Ricardo Silver 3 L 3-in-1 Electric Fondue Set

    The perfect kit for cheese, broth or chocolate fondue

    The new Ricardo Electric Fondue Set comes with 3 automatic temperature settings. For chocolate fondue, for cheese & for broth, the perfect temp setting for Chinese fondue.

    Easily prepare your broth on the stovetop with the 3 L casserole that is independent of the base.

    The Ricardo Electric Fondue Set is equipped with 7-level precise temperature controls. Each function is programmed to maintain the ideal temperature for your fondue selection throughout the meal. Learn More
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  12. Ricardo Silver Fondue Fork, 6-Piece Set

    Designed with 3 teeth for a solid grip

    Ricardo 6-Piece Set fondue fork are made of stainless steel with plastic handles and assorted colour code. Learn More
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  13. Ricardo Stainless Steel Fondue Strainer

    Convenient with its large 3 in. capacity basket!

    This Ricardo fondue strainer is ideal for recovering food from your oil or broth fondue. 9 in. long handle for extra security. Made of stainless steel. The Ricardo fondue dip is dishwasher safe. Learn More
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  14. Ricardo Silicone Roasting Rack

    Designed to prepare healthier poultry, fish and roasts!

    Elevates roast, poultry, fish and vegetables above excess fat and broth for healthier cooking. Open design provides optimal air circulation for fast, even browning. Design for use in pressure cookers, slow cookers, pots and pans.

    Double as a steaming tray, it is also suitable for use in Ricardo Rice Cooker and the NEW Ricardo Multifunction Electric Pressure Cooker for a perfect steaming. Learn More
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  15. Ricardo Set of Coloured Straight Handle and Julienne Peelers

    This Ricardo set of 2 peelers will come in handy in any kitchen. Recognize them easily by their color. The red straight handle peeler lets you easily peel fruits and vegetables, while the blue julienne peeler is perfect for preparing salads or Asian-style stir-fries. Learn More
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  16. Ricardo Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

    This fun ice cream sandwich mould is made of silicone for safe baking and easy release. Makes 4 homemade ice cream sandwiches. Dishwasher Safe Learn More
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  17. Gift with purchase
    Ricardo 10-Cup Rice Cooker

    Special Price $49.98

    Regular Price: $59.99

    Cooks virtually all types of rice.Want a rice cooker that has the capability to cook everything from white rice to brown, basmati rice, and even barley and quinoa? The Ricardo rice cooker automatically switches to the warm setting once cooking is done.
    When you purchase the Ricardo 10-Cup Rice Cooker > obtain a FREE innovative Stainless Steel Colander. A $19.99 value Learn More
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  18. Ricardo THE TRAVELER Isotherm Lunch Bag

    This travel lunch bag is ideal for storing snacks and lunch on-the-go.The thermal insulation keeps your drink and food cool for lunchtime.
    Design with 2 interior pockets to hold cutlery and an ice pack. Learn More
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  19. Ricardo Stainless Steel Steak Knife Set, 6-pieces

    Ricardo Steak Knifes Set, 6-units Learn More
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  20. Ricardo Block with 6 Knives and Integrated Sharpener

    The Ricardo knife and block set contains a bamboo knife block with integrated honing device and 6 German MoV stainless Learn More
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  21. New
    Ricardo Reversible Raclette for 8 Person

    Perfect for 8-person Raclette & Breakfast!

    Ricardo THE ROCK 2-in1 Raclette Set is designed for 8 person and safe. Use it for your raclette dinners with friends and also to make extraordinary breakfasts with your family. The reversible grid in cast aluminum becomes a cooking plate that is suitable for cooking potatoes, sausages, pancakes, and fried eggs.

    The Ricardo raclette set has a convenient storage level to shelve hot raclette pans when not in use. THE ROCK non-stick plate provides an outstanding release performance. Made of extra-thick cast aluminum plate that provides even heat distribution. Learn More
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  22. Ricardo Solid Cotton Bread Bag

    There is no need for a bread box with this Ricardo solid fabric bag. Rustic looking it makes marvellous centrepiece and when the edge is unfolded it becomes a lovely gift basket. Learn More
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  23. Ricardo Organic & Fairtrade ESPRESSO Coffee Beans, 227g, by Touché

    Ricardo’s team worked with Café Touché to develop the best selection of coffees according to their taste, so that people can enjoy the same experience at home.

    They wanted to blend what reflects the Ricardo brand as well as the great expertise and passion of Café Touché. Learn More
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  24. Ricardo Organic & Fairtrade 1kg FILTER Ground Coffee by Touché

    Ricardo’s team worked with Café Touché to develop the best selection of coffees according to their taste, so that people can enjoy the same experience at home.

    They wanted to blend what reflects the Ricardo brand as well as the great expertise and passion of Café Touché. Learn More
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