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  1. Ricardo Sous-Vide Precision Cooker

    The Ricardo sous-vide precision cooker provides quick and ultra-precise results while preserving flavours and textures. The principle is simple: Just seal your food in an airtight plastic bag, dip it into a container filled with water (a saucepan or a glass bowl) and attach the unit using its spring clip. Your meats, seafood, vegetables, and even desserts! will be cooked to perfection.

    The Ricardo precision cooker (thermocirculator) eliminates the worry of over or under cooking food and guarantees perfect doneness from edge to edge, moist and tender texture, enhanced flavours and consistent results every time.

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  2. Ricardo Reversible Raclette for 8 Person

    Perfect for 8-person Raclette & Breakfast!

    Ricardo THE ROCK 2-in1 Raclette Set is designed for 8 person and safe. Use it for your raclette dinners with friends and also to make extraordinary breakfasts with your family. The reversible grid in cast aluminum becomes a cooking plate that is suitable for cooking potatoes, sausages, pancakes, and fried eggs.

    The Ricardo raclette set has a convenient storage level to shelve hot raclette pans when not in use. THE ROCK non-stick plate provides an outstanding release performance. Made of extra-thick cast aluminum plate that provides even heat distribution. Learn More
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  3. Buy & Save
    Ricardo 6L Multifunction Electric Pressure Cooker

    Truly versatile Multicooker!

    Ricardo multifunction electric pressure cooker has a 6-litre capacity, a digital display indicating the cooking progress and 10 pre-set functions simple to use.

    Take advantage of 5 pressure functions to prepare meat, poultry, legumes, vegetables, root vegetable and soup. You can also use this appliance as a yogurt maker, a steamer, a sauté pan to brown your ingredients directly in the pressure cooker.

    BUY & SAVE! > Purchase the Ricardo Electric Pressure Cooker (63403) and save 30% on the Ricardo Silicone Roasting Rack (63144) by adding it to your cart. Valid While Quantities Last, once per order.

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