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  1. Braun FRESH SET 12-Cup Stainless Steel Flat Burr Coffee Grinder

    The new Braun FRESH SET coffee grinder offers 15 grind settings. The grinder allows customization of the grind for your favourite brew style.

    Professional burr grinder technology ensures uniform grinding results while the flavour and aroma of the beans are protected and preserved thanks to overheat-protection Braun technology. Learn More
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  2. Braun Rechargeable Beard & Hair Trimmer with Precision Dial, 7-Pieces

    Create different beard styles with the Braun BT5065 rechargeable Beard trimmer & hair trimmer. 39 length settings & lifetime sharp blades deliver ultimate precision for an even cut.

    The lifetime sharp blades for even beard trimming & hair clipping. With the 2 cutting combs, the Gillette Fusion 5 razor and the 39 length settings (adjustable from 0.5 mm to 20 mm) you'll have everything you need to trim your beard in any way you desire. Learn More
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  3. Braun SERIES 9 Grey Rechargeable Shaver with Clean&Charge System

    Ultimate efficiency for your morning rush.

    Efficiency multiplied by four. The SyncroSonic technology with 40.000 cross-cutting actions per minute. plus the fully pivoting head with four flexible cutting elements. give you the most precise and comfortable shaving experience possible. Those hairs are captured. aligned and cut in perfect synchronicity with every stroke. Our top pick from among the Braun shaver product line.

    World’s most efficient and comfortable shaver. Proven on a 3-day beard. SyncroSonic technology with 40.000 cross cutting movements per minute. removing more hair in the first stroke than any other shaver.

    4 individual and specialised cutting elements that capture different types of hair. Learn More
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  4. Braun SILK-ÉPIL 9 SENSOSMART Rechargeable Epilator with Shaving Head & Precision Trimmer

    Long-Lasting Smooth Skin for up to 4 weeks.

    The Braun SILK-EPIL 9 SENSOSMART rechargeable epilator is equipped with pressure sensor technology. This technology guides you through epilating, making sure you're exercising the right amount of pressure on the skin.

    With its 40% wider head than other Braun epilators, and its 40 MicroGrip tweezers, SILK-EPIL 9 ensures you remove more hair, even the shortest (up to 0.5 mm).

    Its pivoting head adapts easily to your body contours for better comfort and efficiency. The built-in SMARTLIGHT will allow you to see everything while epilating and shaving. Learn More
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  5. Braun 9-in-1 Rechargeable Multi Grooming Kit, Beard, Hair & Body, 12-Pieces

    The Braun MULTIGROOM 9-in-1 kit is the ultimate all-in-one head-to-toe groomer. Thanks to its clever attachments, perform 9 different jobs effortlessly.

    - Comes with 4 Grooming Combs
    - Shaving Head... Learn More
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  6. Braun SERIES 5 Rechargeable Shaver with Clean&Charge Station

    Maximum Performance & Excellent Skin Comfort

    The new SERIES 5 with innovative Skin Sensitive Technology and 8D flex head gives you the most comfortable shave on every part of your face.

    The Braun SERIES 5 shaver with Clean&Charge Station gives you efficiency in every stroke, shaving even dense beard and reaching difficult areas. 100% waterproof, SERIES 5 is designed to last up to 7 years, for maximum performance and excellent skin comfort. Learn More
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  7. Braun MOBILE SHAVE Battery-Operated Shaver

    The Braun MOBILE SHAVE shaver can be used comfortably anywhere: in the car, at work, etc. It is small enough to be carrie Learn More
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  8. New
    Braun SILK-ÉPIL 7 SENSOSMART Rechargeable Epilator with Shaving Head, 8-Piece Set

    Silk-épil 7 Wet & Dry epilator is the most gentle epilation from Braun. With innovative SensoSmart™ technology, the epilator guides your epilation and remove even more hair in one stroke. MicroGrip technology removes hair 4x shorter than wax can catch. Cordless and Wet & Dry, the epilator can be used in the bath or shower for gentle hair removal. With 7 extras, including a body and face trimmer for easy maintenance of sensitive areas. Learn More
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  9. Braun SILK-ÉPIL 5 White Electric Epilator & Shaver, 5-Piece Set

    Efficient even on the shortest hairs for weeks of smooth skin. Forty tweezers efficiently remove hair as small as a grain of sand. while the SoftLift Tips system lifts flat-lying hair and guides it to the tweezers for easier removal. The high frequency massage system stimulates the skin for a more comfortable experience. The pivoting head gently adapts to the contours of your body for better skin contact. Learn More
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  10. Braun FACE White Face Epilator with Exfoliating Brush
    Epilate your facial hair and eyebrows more easily than with tweezers. This first-ever facial epilator and cleansing brush system will help give you a radiant complexion. The slim head gently removes hairs from your chin, upper lip and eyebrows... Learn More
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  11. Braun SMOOTHIE2GO Blending Set, 2-Pieces

    Whether you’re on the go or relaxing at home, the Braun SMOOTHIE2GO Blending Set, for use with PureMix Countertop Blenders, provides the versatility you need. Learn More
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  12. Braun BREWSENSE 12-Cup Black & Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

    Elegance meets quality. PureFlavor Brewing System gives consistent great flavour from the first to last drop, while the 12-cup uniquely-designed FlavorCarafe ensures coffee stays warm for longer. Learn More
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  13. Braun MULTIQUICK 7 7- Piece Black & Stainless Steel Hand Blender

    German technology = Guaranteed reliability.

    The MQ7 series of hand blenders feature Smart Speed control, a revolutionary technology - the more you squeeze the more power you get. Increase the hand blender speed by gently pressing the speed regulator button. You can easily prepare all your recipes with one hand, changing the speed in real time, without interruptions. That means no more awkward speed dials. Learn More
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  14. Braun Replacement Foil & Cutter 11B for SERIES 1 Shaver

    A new Braun 11B Shaver Head foil and cutter blade will make your Braun razor shave like new! Braun recommends replacing the shaver head cutter blade and foil every 12 months. Learn More
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  15. Braun SERIES 3 Silver Replacement Foil and Cutter

    Braun foil and cutter Series 3, 7000/4000. Fits the following shavers:
    Series 1 and 3
    TriControl Learn More
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  16. Braun SERIES 3 Silver Replacement Foil and Cutter

    The Braun replacement 31S foil and cutter set fits the Series 5000 and 6000 as well as the Contour and Flex Integral s Learn More
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  17. Braun SERIES 3 Black Replacement Foil and Cutter Cassette
    The Braun 32B replacement foil and cutter cassette fits the Series 3 men's shavers. It features the new MicroComb for Learn More
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  18. Braun SERIES 3 Silver Replacement Foil and Cutter

    The Braun replacement 32S cartridge includes both the foil and the cutters. The foil has the new MicroComb feature for Learn More
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  19. Braun WATERFLEX Black Replacement Foil and Cutter

    Braun replacement foil and cutter set. Replacement for Braun WF2 WaterFlex Learn More
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  20. Braun CONTOUR PRO SERIES 5 Silver Replacement Foil and Cutter
    The Braun 51S set of foil and cutters fits the Series 5, ContourPro, 360 Complete and Activator shavers. Learn More
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  21. Braun SERIES 5 Black Replacement Foil and Cutter

    The Braun 52B replacement foil and cutters use the triple action cutting system. The two OptiBlades are the most advan Learn More
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  22. Braun SERIES 5 Silver Replacement Foil and Cutter

    The Braun 52S is a foil and cutters cartridge that fits the Series 8000, Series 5, ContourPro and Activator shavers. I Learn More
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  23. Braun FACE Replacement Replacement Exfoliation Heads, 2-Units

    The Braun replacement exfoliation brush is for use with the Braun SE830 facial brush. Learn More
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  24. Braun CLEAN&RENEW 170 ml Cleaning Cartridges, 3-Pack

    Fits all Braun cleaning systems Alcohol-based formula ensures maximum hygiene Lubricant keeps shaver at maximum perfor Learn More
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