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  1. Braun MOBILE SHAVE Battery-Operated Shaver

    The Braun MOBILE SHAVE shaver can be used comfortably anywhere: in the car, at work, etc. It is small enough to be carrie Learn More
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  2. Braun SILK-ÉPIL 3 Epilator with Shaving Head
    Braun's Silk-épil 3 gently removes hair at the root, so that the skin stays silky smooth for weeks, not days. With his integrated Smartlight you will not miss a single hair! Its SoftLift system picks up the hairs carefully to facilitate extraction. Learn More
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  3. New
    Braun SILK-EXPERT PRO 3 Intense Pulsed Light Epilator

    Braun Silk-expert Pro 3, Next generation of IPL Hair Removal, ensures permanent hair reduction in just 3 months. It automatically and continuously adapts to your skin tone to ensure optimal safety and efficacy.

    300,000 flashes (+20% compare to previous Silk-expert 3) deliver an equivalent of 16 years of treatment! So you won't have to worry about buying another device, or changing your head. The 3 intensity levels ensure the light adapts to your skin tone. Learn More
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  4. New
    Braun MULTIGROOM Rechargeable Trimmer, 8-Pieces Set
    Master your style with the rechargeable MGK3220, 6-in-1 beard trimmer for men. With Lifetime Sharp Blades and four combs, it offers 13 lengths (0.5–21mm), so you can easily achieve the look you want across your beard, face, and hair. Learn More
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  5. New
    Braun Rechargeable Beard Trimmer with Precision Wheel, 6-Pieces Set
    Achieve your style effortlessly with the Braun BT3240 beard trimmer & hair clipper for men. Delivering ultimate accuracy for an even cut, the BT3240 features a precision dial with 39 length settings and comes with Lifetime Sharp Blades. Washable trimmer head and comb (device should not be held underwater).

    Box includes... Learn More
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  6. Braun VENUS SILK-EXPERT 3 Intense Pulsed Light Epilator

    Safe & Effective

    Braun VENUS SILK-EXPERT 3 IPL works beneath the skin's surface by targeting the melanin in the hair, helping to break the cycle of hair re-growth. With continued, periodic use of light energy helps prevent unwanted hair from reaching the the skin's surface. Learn More
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