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  1. Braun FACE Replacement Brushes Set, 2-Units

    The Extra Sensitive Brush head is designed for daily use on delicate, dry and sensitive skin that needs a softer touch. Long, soft and dense bristles (14mm) with rounded ends provide an extra gentle yet efficient cleansing. Learn More
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  2. New
    Braun SILK-EXPERT PRO 3 Intense Pulsed Light Epilator
    Braun Silk-expert Pro 3, Next generation of IPL Hair Removal, ensures permanent hair reduction in just 3 months. It automatically and continuously adapts to your skin tone to ensure optimal safety and efficacy.

    300,000 flashes (+20% compare to previous Silk-expert 3) deliver an equivalent of 16 years of treatment! So you won't have to worry about buying another device, or changing your head. The 3 intensity levels ensure the light adapts to your skin tone. Learn More
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  3. New
    Braun SILK-ÉPIL 9 FACESPA Rechargeable Epilator with Shaving Head

    Braun Silk-Épil 9 Beauty Set, the deluxe & complete hair removal set for face & body. Exfoliate, epilate, shave, trim, tone, cleanse, 3x body exfoliation & massage attachments remove dead skin, to prevent ingrown hairs. Epilator removes 4x shorter hair than wax for up to 4 weeks of smooth skin. Includes shaver & trimmer attachment for hair removal in sensitive areas. FaceSpa gently removes facial hair, and softly clean your face with Sensitive brush attachment. Learn More
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  4. Braun SILK-ÉPIL 3 Epilator with Shaving Head

    Braun's Silk-épil 3 gently removes hair at the root, so that the skin stays silky smooth for weeks, not days. With his integrated Smartlight you will not miss a single hair! Its SoftLift system picks up the hairs carefully to facilitate extraction. Learn More
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