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You're $75.00 away from FREE shipping!
You're $75.00 away from FREE shipping!

Finding the perfect product for your needs is always a great feeling.
We want to help make that product and feeling last as long as possible.
With every product you purchase from us, you are entitled to Centre du Rasoir’s unique 360° SERVICE.

We're proud to offer our guidance to our customers. We can help guide you in choosing the device that best suits your needs, including the optimal features for your specific use. Some products seem to be quite similar, and our experienced salespeople know the minute differences that can optimize your routine.

Our advice crosses all of our product categories, meaning that we can help you find a gift for a loved one or an acquaintance that they will adore.


Our expert maintenance teams are available to perform periodic cleaning and adjustments to your devices, maintain their peak condition and ensure an optimal performance. They also will gladly give you tips and tricks on keeping your product in top shape for as long as possible, reducing your overall maintenance cost.

From coffee machines to razors to knives, we've got your product maintenance covered.


We know repairs can be tough to do on your own, and offer repair services to our customers.

Our experts will start by determining the nature of the problem and giving you an estimate of the final cost of the repair. When appropriate, they will conduct the repair for you, whether under warranty or not.

We are happy to be able to restore broken machines for you!


Restoring your blades and scissors to their original state is our specialty. Give your knives their first-bought feel today by bringing them in for sharpening.

Not sure if we can sharpen your blade? Contact us today to find out, or click the link below to see a full list of our sharpening capabilities and pricing.